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Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy, and Futuristic Romance

Entangled Publishing

Call For Submissions

Call for Submissions: Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy, and Futuristic Romance

At Entangled Publishing, we believe authors who write great books should receive a majority of the profits. We also believe authors interested in the lucrative indie publishing model shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality editing, commercial covers, or the power of a New York-style marketing machine.

That’s where we come in. Founded by industry-savvy authors and backed by a successful media corporation, Entangled Publishing utilizes a bold new business model to bridge the gap between traditional and indie publishing, giving our authors the best of both worlds. We implement the agency model across all departments at Entangled, which means everyone from the copy editor to the marketing director has a financial stake in your book.

In other words, we don’t make money unless you make money. Lots of it.

Entangled authors receive high royalty rates, a publicist and marketing budget assigned to every book, simultaneous print and electronic releases, NY-style covers, and top-notch editing.

For more information, please visit us at

We are seeking novels and novellas in the following subgenres of romantic fiction for publication in August 2011 and beyond:

* Paranormal and Urban Fantasy

* Contemporary

* Romantic Thrillers

* Science Fiction

* Fantasy

* Upper “YA” (17-22 yo protags) that will appeal to crossover audiences

Current wish list: contemporary chicklit, single-title contemporaries, military/special ops romantic thrillers, dystopian settings, science fiction, space operas, biopunk, gods/goddesses, fairytale retellings, gritty and steamy urban fantasty romance


* All submissions must have strong romantic elements.

* Novels should be 70k to 120k words in length, novellas should be 20k to 40k words in length

* We consider all heat levels, however erotic elements should not be the focus of the story.

* Revised backlist titles will be considered on a case by case basis.

To submit a manuscript for consideration, please paste the following into an email:

* A one-page query letter containing your genre, title, wordcount, a brief blurb about the book, and any pertinent writing credentials

* The first five (5) double-spaced pages

* Where we can find you on the web (links will do)

* Established authors are welcome to query with a standard proposal package if manuscript is still a work in progress.

Send your email to

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